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History of the Wade S. Dunbar Company, Inc.

The Wade S. Dunbar Company, Inc. was founded by Wade S. Dunbar, Sr. He moved to Laurinburg in 1914 as a representative of the Pilot Life Insurance Company which was founded in 1890. Soon after his arrival, he joined the Laurinburg Agency, a firm handling several lines and a variety of insurance. In 1932, he founded his own small firm. From this beginning, the Agency has expanded its offerings and broadened its area of service to cover the entire state of North Carolina from offices in Laurinburg, Raleigh, Pinehurst as well as an office in Richmond, VA and Martinsburg, WV.


The agency presently represents many national underwriters and its progressive attitude is evidenced by its early acceptance of the trend toward computerized services, linking the local agency with underwriters nationwide. The firm was an early member of the ARC/AMS Computer Users Group. The Dunbar staff have been very active in its leadership and they have contributed in large measure to the progress made in its efforts to perfect techniques of National Interfaces important to computerize its record keeping and is interfaced with several national underwriters.


Wade S. Dunbar, Jr. (1926-1986) continued to expand the firm established in 1914 by his father. During his lifetime as President, the Agency grew steadily in Laurinburg, Raleigh and Rowland. His innovative ideas and drive led the industry.


The Wade S. Dunbar Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing sales and service second to none. The Dunbar Agency will offer excellent products that are priced fairly and competitively. We do everything we can to make our products better. We believe that what is best for our customers is best for all of us. Dunbar's sales and service staff is trained to know products, and to be friendly and helpful to our clients. We will take the time to take care of our customers and employees.



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